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Background Information-Fine Tuning of secondary Metabolites

Given the drastic shift in perception introduced by evolutionary biology, some reflection about the process of evolution seems in order.

In the Darwinian view of evolution there is no purpose. Instead, those plants that happened to produce a selection of secondary metabolites that favoured their survival were successful.

They reproduced more successfully than others, and in doing so, they reproduced the biochemical machinery that generated that successful set of secondary metabolites

Conversely, those plants whose secondary metabolites did not increase their chances of survival - such as by not fending off survival - such as by not fending off herbivores effectively-did not reproduce as successfully or died out.

With them vanished the lesser-suited combination of secondary metabolites.

Only the most fine-tuned composition of secondary metabolites is able to ensure continued success of a given plant species.

Reference: The healing Of Intelligence Of Essential Oils-The Science Of Advanced Aromatherapy: Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph,D.


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